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Installation and Maintenance

We install and maintain your self-consumption system. Talk to us!



In self-consumption it's you who has control of your electricity bill. Produce the same energy you consume! Contact us now


Hybrid Solutions

Wind solutions are also applicable to dwellings, essentially in isolated or hybrid systems (wind + photovoltaic) with microturbines. As the solar system does not operate at night, the wind system goes into operation, making it possible to obtain energy 24 hours a day.


Thermal Solar

Bring hot water all year round with our thermal solutions. Whether thermosiphon or forced circulation is guaranteed nine months of hot water without the need for backups.

Benefits of Using Renewable Energies

See some of the advantages we provide

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduce your monthly billing costs by helping the environment.

  • Service Maintenance

    We have a team responsible for the maintenance of renewable energy facilities.

  • Hot Water

    Produce hot water using the sun and save on the gas bill.

  • Air Conditioning

    Biomass is one of the most economical resources on which the customer wins and wins the environment.

Energy Efficiency Reports

We analyze all the consumption of your home or business and do the study in order to provide you with a lower total cost of electricity.

Why Us ?


The high efficiency allows a reduction of costs and a considerable increase of performance.


View your production and consumption data anywhere in the world with just one click.


We have the best LED bulbs on the market. With varied colors and powers, allowing to create the perfect environment for any room.

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